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“Boundaries, No Hunting, No Fishing, No Stealing” is a site-specific installation addressing the loss of both material items as well as the emotion of being violated. 

October 2007 marks the one-year anniversary of a major theft adjacent to the “CUBE” installation days prior to the 2006 Morongo Basin Studio Arts Tour. The theft was significant in that all the equipment used in the grading and construction of the CUBE was stolen in addition to the CUBE being vandalized. 

As people travel though Joshua Tree little to no markers are noted defining personal property. As people approach the “Boundaries” installation an immediate sense of ownership is noted. The five-acre site has been defined by specific placement of 19 – 10-foot tall galvanized poles, which visually restrict access thought the property. As you approach in a vehicle a need to slow down and maneuver through these poles suddenly becomes apparent making you aware of your speed as well as the property parameters.