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Getting Started

Since 1984 Jeffrey Crussell Associates has provided assistance in Energy Audits, Weatherization Evaluations, Green Inspections and Property Assessments for structures throughout the United States. Our clients consist of private homeowners, commercial and industrial building owners, realtors, homeowner associations and building contractors. These assessments evaluate the needs of an existing structure and it’s environment with both a passive and active use of energy and advises on solutions that can assist in lowering your annual expenses.

Our Instruments 

Jeffrey Crussell Associates analyzes your structure’s needs using the latest instruments including blower door pressure tests, thermographic camera evaluations and radiometer temperature indicators. These tools are essential in locating building inefficiencies that can contribute to high-energy costs and an inefficient building envelope. 

We work for you 

As your representative, Jeffrey Crussell Associates will assist in repairs as well as locating and interviewing qualified licensed contractors who work exclusively with energy efficient installations. We will assist in the research of supplemental funding sources through your state and local financial programs that provide weatherization tax credits and observe the final installation process of your new energy saving upgrades or PV system.

How we work  

Jeffrey Crussell Associates reviews your property's energy requirements, inspects existing equipment and analyzes habits of inefficient energy usage. We consider the need for landscape adjustments, weatherization upgrades and the use of a renewable Photovoltaic (PV) system that can assist in lowering your annual expenses. Your property is then evaluated based on its microclimate and a comprehensive inspection of passive heat loss and gains are determined from the structure’s existing conditions. Recommendations on a property “tune-up” are documented and analyses of solar radiance, projected PV performance and post incentive costs are estimated. A comprehensive report is amassed documenting the projected improvements to the structure prior to engaging a contractor or engineer for the installation of your energy efficient systems and weatherization adjustments. 

Contact Us

For a free Property Review, estimates for Energy Efficiency Studies, Weatherization Evaluations, Green Inspections and Property Assessments please contact us.