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Energy Audits

Jeffrey Crussell Associates provides clients with the most important step in energy efficiency and a prelude to an energy saving PV system by developing an extensive Energy Audit of their structure. An Energy Audit includes assessments on how energy is consumed and evaluates measures that can be taken to create a more energy efficient building, which in time will save in annual energy costs.

Blower Doors Tests

A Blower Door Test uses a computer-equipped fan that depressurizes and exaggerates air leakage through defects in a building's envelope. This test will reveal the location of leaks that are unobservable by visual inspection. Most air leaks occur around doors and windows, energy service entrances, roof vents, exterior wall finishes, fireplace flues, and exhaust fans. These leaks can be detected and repaired through the use of weather stripping, caulking and insulation upgrades.

Thermographic and Radiometer Inspections

Jeffrey Crussell Associates provides clients with tests using a variety of techniques and equipment that determine the energy efficiency of a structure. Theromgraphic cameras and Radiometer tests reveal both the loss of energy in the overall structure as well as the hard-to-detect areas of air infiltration. These tests also locate missing insulation and help prevent air leakage in a building. Thermographic exams typically require a 20-degree temperature difference between the interior and exterior environments and can yield some surprising defects in a structure’s efficiency.

Before You Buy

Jeffrey Crussell Associates provides clients with greater awareness through our Green Inspection which determines the structure’s energy efficiency and lists areas that can impact annual energy cost. Green Inspections as well as all required repairs are performed prior to the close of escrow and should be funded by the current property owner. Insist on a Green Inspection before your next purchase to ensure your structure has a reduced carbon footprint and a more positive impact on our nation’s natural resources.