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Energy Efficiency

Jeffrey Crussell Associates assists clients in achieving greater energy efficiency in their structures by providing Energy Audits, Weatherization Evaluations, and Green Inspections that indicate areas where failures in the building envelope occur. Entry points such as doors or windows are great consumers of energy and drive your energy bills up if they are not properly sealed and maintained.

Heat Transfer

Doors, windows and skylights provide light, warmth, ventilation, and entry to our buildings but they can also have a negative impact on energy efficiency and increase our monthly expenses if not properly maintained. Jeffrey Crussell Associates assists in locating areas of failed or non-existent seals and insulation, and provides solutions to reduce air leakage and heat transfer throughout your structure.

Inefficient Structures

Air leakage is the single largest contributor to an inefficient structure. Roof vents, electrical services, and hose bibbs, all contribute to the possibility that your structure is energy inefficient. With the use of a single blower door test Jeffrey Crussell Associates provides a complete “tune-up” of your structure to help you reduce your monthly energy usage.

You Still Need Ventilation

An exchange of indoor air with outdoor air is critical for any structure and reduces indoor pollutants, moisture, and odors. Contaminants such as formaldehyde, organic compounds, and Radon can accumulate in poorly ventilated buildings causing health problems and allergies. Excess moisture can generate high levels of humidity, which can lead to the growth of mold and possible structural damage in wood and masonry. Jeffrey Crussell Associates assists clients in understanding the need for an hourly air change in your structure and provides guidance for a safer and more pleasant interior environment.