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Weatherization Evaluations 

Jeffrey Crussell Associates provides you with our “100 Point Weatherization Evaluation” to analyze your structure’s needs and create immediate cost savings on your annual energy expenses. Our weatherization program is the first step in establishing a foundation for a more detailed assessment in preparation for your new PV system and will disclose areas of waste within your building envelope.

What is Weatherization? 

Weatherization is the practice of protecting your building and its interior from the natural elements of sunlight, precipitation and wind, by modifying the building to reduce energy consumption and optimizing the efficiency of your structure. Weatherization is the first line of defense in energy savings and the first step in the process of making your structure airtight and improving your carbon footprint. 

Insulation vs. Weatherization 

Weatherization is distinct from building insulation. Many types of insulation can be thought of as weatherization because they block drafts in the ceilings, walls and floors of your structure and help protect the occupants from both cold and warm temperature changes. Insulation primarily reduces conductive heat flows from moving in or out of a structure but also requires proper weatherization to function correctly. 

High Energy Usage 

In the United States, buildings use one third of all energy consumed and two thirds of all electricity. Due to their high-energy usage, buildings are a major source of the pollution that causes poor air quality and contributes to our current climate changes. Jeffrey Crussell Associates will provide the proper assessments for your structure’s weatherization and assists you in proper energy conservation.