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Photovoltaic PV Systems 

Jeffrey Crussell Associates assist clients in selecting quality PV systems that draw from the limitless energy supply produced by the sun. This source generates enough clean energy in one day to provide a constant supply of electricity for most structures. PV systems also help preserve our finite resources such as coal, oil and natural gas while reducing air and noise pollutants associated with farming these resources.


With recent breakthroughs in technologies, combined with federal and local state government programs, PV system costs have been greatly reduced. Depending upon your property location and considering future utility prices, PV can be competitively priced with any traditional energy source. Jeffrey Crussell Associates will assist you in understanding the complexities of investing in this reliable, durable, energy efficient technology, that can last for more than 30 years with a minimal amount of required annual maintenance.

Power Outages  

Building owners benefit from PV systems as well as consumers and businesses when faced with devastating power outages. For example, the website giant loses one million dollars per minute when a power disruption makes their Internet site unavailable to buyers. This single example alone makes it easy to understand why a reliable PV system is not only a smart investment but also a considerable cost savings.  

Our Clients  

Jeffrey Crussell Associates assists our energy-conscious clients in becoming more self-reliant by reducing their personal carbon footprint and being more environmentally friendly. PV systems also help our clients save energy while being part of the solution in reducing our nation's consumption of foreign oil, and act as an independent power supplier feeding excess energy to our communities.